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This story looks like any other, but the difference is in its really happy end. Elliot was 19 y.o. young horny guy like many others, he stared at every girl he saw, woke up with strong erection and masturbated every day. And he had incredibly beautiful older sister with awesome fresh body. Elliot admired his sister and did strange fetish things – he sniffed her used panties, kissed them, wind them round his erect cock and even slept with her nice panties. It aroused him very high and Elliot dreamed about sex with own sister.

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And one day his taboo dream came true and horny brother fucked his sister. It happened like a bolt from the blue! Elliot was masturbating in his room with sister’s panties on his head and face when sissy entered the room and saw this scene. Elliot didn’t have time to do something, so sister caught him napping. She sat on her knees near him and gave him small incest handjob. Several minutes later only one thought was in young guy head – “I’m fucking my sister… I’m fucking my sister!”. So, such offensive situation turned into outstanding sweet incest sex with own sister!

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