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Hungry Sam entered the kitchen and was surprised when saw his chubby sister in sexy pink nighty with huge orange dildo in her hands.
“What are you doing here and what this shit is?”, brother asked.
Sister just cast down her eyes and said nothing.
“Maybe you want me to fuck your sinful pussy?”, joked Sam.
“Maybe…”, answered sister and smiled.
Sam didn’t expect such answer and was shocked a little, but his interest prevailed over common sense and he asked sister – “Are you serious?”. She was silent, just moved closer to him and took his cock through the pants with her cold hand. Sam only had time to think “I fuck my sister…” and sinful lust fully absorbed him from top to toe.

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Several moments later excited and horny guy fucked his sister and felt how wet and hot her pussy was. Sam also felt the rhythmic slaps of his body and sister’s juicy butts, heard her sweet soft moans and didn’t think about this brother sister taboo incest. Sam’s sissy behaved like an experienced slut, she was saying different vulgar phrases like “fuck me harder” or “push your fucking cock deeper” and it aroused Sam more and more. Then she said she wants a facial cumshot and brother cumed on sister’s face with a lot of warm sperm. Sissy went into ecstasies and just puffed and blew.

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I’m sure that every guy, who have older sister thought about sex with her. Even if your sister was not very pretty you have a desire to see naked or to feel her lips on your cock. But if your sister was hot smoking chick with angel-like face and exciting body – you surely was mad about her. In spite of the fact that such thoughts is social incest taboo, when you young and horny you can’t control yourself and it’s absolutely normal. Everybody did it, but someone went too far like Mike did. Here is the story of this kinky guy.

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Bill was not young boy already, he was 26 and has an older sister Wendy – she was 30 and has a husband. Once she had a quarrel with her hubby and left their house to chill out. And she decided to live for a short while with her brother. And when Bill was tacking shower it happened! Wendy started to flirt with him and then she took his cock in her tender hands. It was great! Sister brother blowjob makes Bill aroused high they had incest fucking right in bathtub! It was Bill’s cherished dream when he was teen and it came true! Older sister sucked brother and then fucked him – it was the most emotional sex in his life! Guys, be careful what you wish for, because you might get it one day! ;-)

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Just look at this outstanding incest porn gallery with two youngsters fucking with a wild passion! It looks great and very hot! But the thing is not the gallery by itself, but the persons on these teen incest photos is – they are very familiar to me. This boy and girl look like my old friend and his sister, especially this girl is alike his sister. And the story of my friend was almost the same with that you could see on these pics. Was it true or not I don’t really know, but this brother sister incest story certainly deserves attention!

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My friend Freddy was quite profligate guy, he liked parties, tequila and girls. His sister was a little bit younger him, but when she grew up she also became a party-girl. Often both of them came back home being slightly drunk and had some relax near TV before a sleep. So, one day his beautiful hot sister sipped champagne without a stop, then she started to seduce brother and it was very easy to do. That evening finished with loving brother sister incest love and next morning they pretend as nothing happened. It became their small secret… And mine… And yours also from now… ;-)

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Thomas was handsome young guy and he had no any problems with girl and sex in his 20 years. Moreover, his was lucky to have quite big dick and it was the reason of a peculiar hunt after him by kinky young chicks. His sister Ginger was also pretty girl, but she was exceptionally beautiful and exciting. Ginger had awesome long slim legs and nice big tits. Thomas saw her almost naked couple times, but he had no ideas about sex with sister never before. But one day these incested teens decided to gambol a little with each other.

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That day Thomas was watching TV when his hot sister entered room in extremely sexy jeans shorts and sat near brother. She had something in her hand and suddenly Ginger gave it to brother and asked him “Do you think I should use it?”. She gave him her double vibrator, then moved her legs apart and ordered him to push vibrator in her pussy. Thomas said that he had something better for young wet pussy and took out his big stiff dick. Yes, it was lovely brother and sister fucking scene with a lot of passion and pleasure. Both of them liked such violent feelings and the taste of forbidden fruit. In the end lavish incest facial cumshot splashed over pretty sister’s face.

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