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This story looks like any other, but the difference is in its really happy end. Elliot was 19 y.o. young horny guy like many others, he stared at every girl he saw, woke up with strong erection and masturbated every day. And he had incredibly beautiful older sister with awesome fresh body. Elliot admired his sister and did strange fetish things – he sniffed her used panties, kissed them, wind them round his erect cock and even slept with her nice panties. It aroused him very high and Elliot dreamed about sex with own sister.

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And one day his taboo dream came true and horny brother fucked his sister. It happened like a bolt from the blue! Elliot was masturbating in his room with sister’s panties on his head and face when sissy entered the room and saw this scene. Elliot didn’t have time to do something, so sister caught him napping. She sat on her knees near him and gave him small incest handjob. Several minutes later only one thought was in young guy head – “I’m fucking my sister… I’m fucking my sister!”. So, such offensive situation turned into outstanding sweet incest sex with own sister!

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Teen Alexa was a little bit chubby girl, but her young puffy beauties looked incredibly attractive and juicy. And this young girl was wondering how she could convince her brother to fuck her as a common sexy girl. She understand that it was taboo brother sister incest, but her desire was stronger! She read some forum and blogs about dates & pickup and started that age-old dance of flirting and seduction. She left her panties or bras in brother’s room, went being only in towel after bath, did her yoga near when he was watching TV so he could notice her charming beauty and he did!

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It was early morning and Alexa woke up when felt that something or somebody touches her legs. When she opened her eyes she saw her brother showing her to be quiet and stroking her legs under the counterpane. She smiled to him, got up on the bed and this young happy sister stripped for brother! Then Alexa fell on his face with her big soft boobs and after moved to his erect penis to give brother incest blowjob. This mind-blowing brother fucking sister scene was amazing and incredibly hot, both of them were happy and it was their first time sex but not the last…

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This taboo incest story about true brother sister love and really impetuous passion and lust. This sister brother sex story I read on some forum, so I suppose it’s true. Well, after some bet sister should make a delicious breakfast next morning for her brother. But when happy brother woke up and saw nothing on the kitchen’s table, he was enraged and went to the sister’s bedroom. When he entered sister was sleeping and even didn’t plan to do something. Angry bro pulled the quilt off the bed and was surprised when saw round sister’s ass.

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Shocked brother stayed over naked sister’s ass several minutes and from astonishment moved to admiration. He never thought his sister had such amazing juicy butts, sexy tight ass and slim legs. He broke brother sister taboo and touched such naked beauty, then started to kiss it and understood his sister wasn’t sleeping from the beginning and that’s his “morning breakfast” from her. As that guy wrote, it was one of the most magnificent fuckings in his life! Really intriguing brother sister sex story, isn’t it?

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It was an ordinary Wednesday evening and it was extremely boring. Jake and Janise were at home and watched TV, their parents spent time at weekly bridge with their friends.
Jake and Janise were brother and sister, Jake was 30 years old and his pretty sissy was only 19. Older brother was much hornier and his sexy sister excited him very high, but he can’t break the taboo by himself. And the situation turned around right that boring evening. When he decided to go to bed, took the shower and went to his bedroom when saw how his own sister masturbates being absolutely naked. Jake was shocked and intrigued… And when she noticed Jake, sister seduced brother for sex!

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Young Janise started from tender cock stroking through brother’s pants and then moved to slow incest blowjob. Jake was so arouse that couldn’t control himself cummed in sister’s mouth, but sissy was happy! Almost immediately Jake’s cock was ready again and brother fucked sister till several wild orgasms. It was outstanding sister brother seduction and that’s not the end of this incest story

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This fantastic story is also happened at morning, when parents already left for the job and teen sister and brother were still sleeping before college classes. Tom woke up first and his morning erection was strong as steel. He washed himself, but his dick still thirsted for a pleasure. Under the lustful thoughts he peeped into sister’s room and saw how she coils in her sleep. Tom thought she sees erotic dream and lay down near her. Intriguing scene – brother and sister in bed breaking taboo, isn’t it? But it was only the beginning!

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Tom began to stroke sister’s tits very accurate and then lifted up her t-shirt and kissed her luxurious pink nipple. Sister was still sleeping or she just pretended sleeping, but she surely liked what Tom was doing with her body. It was real brother sister incest sex, but it was so amazing. Not opening her eyes exited sissy put her hand on pussy and began to masturbate it slowly. Tom understood it as sister was ready for fucking and brother lifted up her pajamas off and pushed his trembling dick into wet sister’s pussy. Taboo sister and brother sex was awesome and both of them took extraordinary pleasure, but sly & shy sister didn’t open her eyes ever.

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